About us


ZIBASAZAN KIANA co with the most equipped up to date devices in the world is one of the largest manufactures of crystal and plastic containers in our country (Iran).

All of ZIBASAZAN 'S products are designed to be durable, along with good performance and elegant appearance. The superior quality of these products allows you to enjoy more, the home that is selected with your personal taste.

The introduction of the brand "ZIBA" is a turning point in the ZIBASAZAN production history of the year 2017, the year that the company ZIBASAZAN has been working with a comprehensive and precise goal for innovation in the field of "life collection appliances", that created a new culture.

By recognizing unique tastes and distinctive design, the company ZIBA delivers a selection of quality life collection appliances in a diverse range of colors and contemporary designs under the brand ZIBA.

Today, with advanced technology, ZIBA has a great place in the domestic and foreign markets. With national and regional contracts in the chain stores in the country and authentic stores, these products are available.

ZIBA 's products

European Union Compliance Standard (CE)

ISO 9001:2008 Standard Quality Management System

ISO 14001: 2004 Standard Environmental Management System

ISO 18001: 2007 Standard of occupational safety and health management system