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Terms and conditions

Dear user, please carefully consider the following for the best use of ZIBA products and services. Signing in to the ZIBA website when using personal profiles, incentive schemes and other services we provide means knowing and accepting terms and conditions and how to use the service. Note that ordering at any time means accepting all of terms and conditions.

It should be noted that the terms and conditions set out above replace all previous agreements.

General rules

Note that all the principles and procedures are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the law of e-commerce and the law protecting consumer rights, and subsequently the user is obliged to observe user-related rules.If the rules, procedures and services are subject to future changes, are published and updated in this section and the user agrees that the continued use of the site means accepting any changes.

User definition

The user is referred to a person who, with the user's information entered in the registration form, submits an order for registration or any use of ZIBA services.

Electronic communication

When you use ZIBA services, you register or purchase your online order or send it to our email, this communication is done electronically, and if your request complies with all the principles and procedures You agree that we will be able to respond electronically (e-mail, SMS service and other electronic services) to your request.

Also, the email address and telephone numbers that the customer records in their profile is the only email address and official phones approved by the customer, and all correspondence and company responses are made through them.

To inform about events, services, products and more, we would send email or sms to our website members. If users do not want to receive email and sms, they can cancel the newsletter subscription from their profile.

It's worth mentioning that ZIBA 's text messages are sent only to users and customers using the number 10006410, and it's clear that there is no way to receive your messages.

So sending any sms with any other number under the title ZIBA is a violation. If you received such messages, please let us know to follow up on it.

Privacy Policy

ZIBA respects and protects the privacy of individuals who use the site's services.

All content available through any of our services, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, videos, downloadable and copied items, data, and all content produced by ZIBA is considered to be part of our property and are subject to the right The use and publication of all available content is in our sole discretion and any use without written permission is reserved for us. In addition, the scripts, and the names of services provided through any of the services created by ZIBA, and registered trademarks are also monopoly and any use for commercial purposes is prosecuted.

Users are authorized to operate and use the product list, technical specifications, prices and any use of ZIBA website derivatives or any services or content, download or copy information for commercial purposes, any use of data mining, robot or similar methods, such as data collection and extraction tools, and all of these rights are explicitly reserved for ZIBA.If you use any of ZIBA services, you are responsible for keeping your account and password confidential and all responsibility for activities that are performed under an account or password is the responsibility of you.

User comments

The purpose of creating ZIBA comments section is to share the experience of buying and using ZIBA products, obviously ZIBA comments section is different from other sites and social networks. In this section, each user is allowed to share their opinions in the framework of the terms and conditions of the site and after reviewing the experts confirmation, view it on the site. Obviously, if the site rules are not adhered to in the comments, they will not be approved and therefore will not be displayed on the site. We have no responsibility for the accuracy or incorrectness of the opinions published in this section. The display of users comments on the site in no way means our technical approval of the contents of the comment.

Terms and conditions of insertion comments in the comments section of users

1. Write in Persian and use the Persian keyboard. It's better to avoid having too much space, dragging letters or words, repeatedly using a letter or word, smiley, and omitting text.

2. Choose a text appropriate for the comment or critique. A good title will encourage users to read your comment

3. Users' critique should include the strengths and weaknesses of the product in practical use and personal experience, and the advantages and disadvantages of the summary and the titles at the designated location. You need to avoid excessive exaggeration and magnification of product benefits or disadvantages.

4. An appropriate critique is a critique that does not only take into account disadvantages or merely benefits, but also realistically examines the disadvantages and benefits of each product.

5. In order to respect the time of visitors to the site, it is necessary to delete unnecessary content while writing, and only consider the necessary and useful content in your review.

6. Posting users are obliged to use respectful literature and to avoid insulting other users or others. Obviously, any insults to an individual or individuals and the use of inappropriate words will not result in the approval of the user's opinion.

7. In your comments, do not magnify or exaggerate the strengths or weaknesses of the product. Obviously, any exaggerated or far-fetched opinion will not be verified as far as possible.

8. Only comments that are relevant to the product you are looking for will be confirmed; therefore, do not raise any unrelated, conflicting discussions.

9. Users can announce their critique to any section of the site in the relevant section; so do not comment on the site or its services in the comments section.

10. Do not register issues that you do not trust in comments; Do not refrain from rereading rumors or unreliable information about the products.

11. It is better to register in this section which is useful for site visitors; therefore, avoid any personal, unrelated or unnecessary content in this section.


For information about ZIBA 's official representatives throughout the country (wholesale and retail) you can visit the bottom of the website and view the store information on the map.Obviously, stores that are not officially announced on the ZIBA website are not representative of this company.


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